Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sautéed Onions and Mushrooms

Total prep time: 10 minutes Total cook time: 45-55 minutes

3 medium -large size onions/Sliced thin and halved
10 Cremini mushrooms, destemmed and sliced thin
2 TBS Canola Oil

Over a low flame, place a large Sauté pan or medium size sauce pot.
Pour in canola oil and add the onions.  Cover for the first 15 minutes, until pan is hot.  Remove cover and stir onions often to keep from burning.  Add mushrooms in as the onions begin to soften and change color.  Should the pan lose liquid as the onions continue to cook, add ½ Tbsp. of water.  You can repeat this process as necessary.
This is a slow process, so be patient. 

If you prefer your onions a bit crispier then turn up the heat and cover longer, always keeping an eye on them so as not to burn to a crisp.

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